when work doesn't feel like work

duel of doves; a curated community, encouraging thought-provoking discussions through connection and collaboration with like-minded people. A place we can be ourselves, support one another and work towards breaking away from the traditional ways of working.

this is what we go by

⌙ we are who we are
⌙ to solve is to collaborate
⌙ learn it, implement it, improve it
⌙ if in doubt, revert to your process 
⌙ what’s failure?
⌙ egos, check’em at the door
⌙ does it spark a rush of dopamine?
⌙ laterally or literally, we like both
⌙ why conform?
⌙ stay curious

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Are you tired of settling? So are we! Our mission is to create a new norm. The ideal working environment without the need for a rigid company structure. We've built this space to do and achieve better, connecting people and opening opportunities in the process. We want to be a part of an inspiring community, forming an open work atmosphere for anyone who is down. We encourage collaboration and participation, so people feel empowered to express themselves and share their stories. duel of doves exists to advocate taking control of one's destiny, as everyone has the right to enjoy their work and thrive doing it. Whether it be for a 9-to-5, a side hustle or your own thing, there isn't a right or wrong answer.

Our duel of doves community resides within the Slack messaging app. We strive to maintain a safe space where members can discuss, connect and collaborate, to strengthen existing projects while also spawning new ones. To gain membership into this online community, please request a free invitation below.

What you’ll get: 

⌙ Advice and mentorship from founders, side hustlers and creatives
⌙ Opportunities to share work and get feedback from like-minded people 
⌙ Invites to events and meetups
⌙ Exposure to exciting freelance, start-up and collaboration opportunities
⌙ Your own virtual team

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duel of doves is a curated community, created to encourage thought-provoking discussions through connecting and collaborating with like-minded people. A professional online home away from home, sans the office politics, where we can be ourselves and get sh*t done.


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