album colours of the year 2020

by Luke Farrugia • 22 December 2020


As 2020 wraps up, we are seeing a lot of well-designed 'Year in Review' style websites, resulting in it being a magical time of year for creatives. With the recent Pantone colour of the year announcement, this share is well-timed to coincide. Today, a Duel of Doves member shared a spectacular collection of 150 album covers in our #inspiration channel. Created by Jose Gaseparian and Marcos Rodriguez, and developed by Edgard Kozlowski, this curated assortment of covers has been compiled to celebrate the colours in music for 2020.

The selection, the layout and the pacing as you scroll down the page is on-point. The use of typography, line, image and interaction creates a distinct feeling, toeing the line between function and brutalism. In championing colour, they have done a fantastic job, and I personally see this as a colour recourse that I'll take with me on my design journey into 2021.


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