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by Luke Farrugia • 24 August 2020


Bringing your brand to life can be challenging when you are in the initial stages of building your business. There are so many things to think about on a business level and more often than not, the brand ends up taking a back seat. And rightfully so at times, prioritisation of tasks is essential, as simple things like validating the idea, testing your audience and assessing future scalability are all crucial steps for the future growth of your business. 

As your business grows and when the time is right, the brand is an essential aspect to focus on, as the brand is what will define you in the market and sets the first impression and perception about you and your business. Simply put, brands are perceptions.

Generally, a logo is the starting point of a brand and usually kicks off the thinking around a brand's visual identity, which is built with elements such as; colours, photography, typography, illustrations and iconography. With all of this in mind, there are methods available to kick off your visual identity without breaking the bank. Here is a list of the duel of doves communities favourite free branding resources to boost your visual brand.

Colour palettes

A brand colour palette is a crucial part of building a successful visual identity. These are the shades you use to define your tone and are generally used within your logo, website design and advertising.


Color Hunt
Color Hunt is a free and open platform for colour inspiration with thousands of on-point hand-picked colour palettes.


Grabient is a free colour gradient recourse for colour combo inspiration.


Coolors allow you to create the perfect palette and get inspired by thousands of beautiful colour schemes.


Brand photography is a collection of images that represent your business visually. Colour, tone, mood and expression are taken into account when visualising brand through photography. These can include photos of you, your team, your products, your process, your space and other things that make your business unique.


Unsplash has photos for everyone with over 1 million free images brought to you by one of the world's most generous community of photographers.


Pexels deliver thousands of royalty-free images across a wide variety of topics that you can use for free, even for commercial use.


Typography is used to convey your brand's style through the presentation of the text. Your chosen typeface adds to your brand personality, enabling you to boost your message within your written communication.


Google Fonts
Google Fonts is one of the largest free font recourses. With the sheer ease of use and font variety, they make accessing beautiful typography accessible to everyone.


Font Squirrel
Font Squirrel is a quality resource for free fonts that can be used for commercial work. They provide a hand-selected range of typefaces presented in an easy to access format.


Lost Type
Lost Type is a Collaborative Digital Type Foundry. They offer a range of quality fonts on a donation model. Supporting these guys would be dope, but, you can donate $0 if you like, making this a free resource.


A brand illustration system is a collection of images with a cohesive mood and style that clarifies a brand's values. Illustrations are leveraged to communicate a message and to extend the visual identity as an extension of the brand.


Humaaans is an illustration library where you can mix-&-match figures of people within a design library.


Draw Kit
Draw Kit is a great bunch of hand-drawn vector illustration and icon resources that is updated weekly.


Sketch Valley
Sketch Valley is a hand-drawn free vector illustration resource filled with dynamic styles and variety, ready for your projects.


Streamline Lab
Streamline Lab is an illustration pack perfect to use in your presentations, application onboarding or marketing websites. These illustrations can be used for any commercial or personal project.


Icons are traditionally small graphical elements that are used to provide visual information at a glance. The style of your icons plays a part in your brand tone and the way you communicate with your audience.


iconmonstr is a free monstrously big and continuously growing source of simple icons run by one creator.


Streamline icons
Streamline icons are one of the largest icon packs available. Boasting 30,000 icons in the free pack this icon set has everything you need.


The noun project
The Noun Project is an icon foundry that boasts over 2 million curated icons, created by a global community.


In conclusion, we think this is a fantastic list of free resources to get your visual brand started at a low cost. When the time is right, if you choose to take your brand to the next level, custom options are always better. When collaborating with a creative, they will take the time to understand and/or uncover your values, mission and vision—delivering a personalised output that will set you apart in your market, giving you an edge over your competitors. The duel of doves community has a bunch of talented creatives who love brand and collaboration. If you are keen to connect, we'd love to have you along, request an invitation here.

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