forms, forms, forms: text fields & form design best practice

by Luke Farrugia • 5 August 2020


It's always enjoyable when user interface utility-style articles circulate in the workspace. Often, we are attracted to the pretty or innovative design, the sleek layout and fancy tech scroll effect, the glitter. But sometimes it's good to take a step back and dig into the details of UI utility. Forms can get out of hand quickly, before you know it you can either have a form that is so minimal that no-one understands how to use it or so complicated people shudder at the thought of filling it in.

Here are a group of articles dedicated to using best practice to design forms. There is always room to add in your design flair and align them to the brand, but these principles are crucial in ensuring that your forms are accessible, responsive and usable with any user.

Form design best practices

Text fields & Forms design — UI components series (image source)


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