how the economic machine works by ray dalio

by Luke Farrugia • 02 March 2021

As we quest for financial freedom, we've conducted plenty of research, sharing and discussion in the Duel of Doves community. We aim to reduce spending and debt and create multiple revenue streams to fund our dream projects. Through this journey, we've been focussing on our craft, our products and our hustles. We are always pushing forward, trying to break through, pondering how we can make money work for us to get to where we want to be? 

Today we took a crucial step back as a member asked, "So, what is money anyway?" As we started to discuss, we began sharing videos and recourses, and this one stood out. `How The Economic Machine Works` by Ray Dalio is a well-crafted video that clearly explains money and the economy cycles. 

Reflecting on our journey to date, we can quickly jump into an idea, spend the money and run with it. However, when taking a step back, thinking about the basics, we start to feel more educated and armed for success as our financial literacy rises. 

To sum up, the main points we learnt is that Dalio has three rules of thumb: 

  1. Don't have debt rise faster than income
  2. Don't have income rise faster than productivity
  3. Do all that you can to raise your productivity 

We hope you get as much out of this video as we did, and if you are keen to discuss further (whether you are looking to learn with us or teach us), we would love to have you along in the community for a chat.

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