"hunters hunt, those that don't get ate"

by Luke Farrugia • 14 July 2020

As soon as this episode begins, Kevin Hart opens with a quote that sets the tone for the interview (well the majority of the interview as this episode clocks in at a lengthy 2 hours). He states, "Hunters hunt, those that don't get ate" and as soon as I heard this statement, I paused the interview, copied the link and pasted into the duel of doves community without a thought. These words resonated with me immediately and I keenly listened on. 

Among a few key topics, Kevin Hart and Joe Rogan touch on their drive and motivation, balance and discipline. There was a moment when they discussed the idea of life being a game, a story that we are building every day; they examine the notion that to play the game all we have to do is levelling up as we progress and grow. As I thought about it a bit deeper, I found that this relates to my gamer side, as I can see parallels when thinking about playing an RPG (role-playing game). When playing through an RPG, you start as a grunt, no skills and no experience. As you progress and overcome barriers, you eventually get better and level-up. Suddenly, previously challenging obstacles no longer seem so big, and you are ready to embark on the next challenge.

The life as a game analogy relates to our quest to transition our side hustles into full-time endeavours. It can be easy to get discouraged on how long it takes to break through, and no one wants to be in a job where they are uninspired day in and day out. In this interview, they discuss the discipline it takes to stick with it, and how important it is to form a structure to deal with the tasks that suck. In developing a rhythm to complete the mundane, you open up enough capacity to get things done, while also allowing room to set up a game plan to work on the things you love. 

The key learning I got out of this is to be patient, learn from the grind and appreciate the incremental steps taken to reaching professional freedom. With this, I can further understand how to balance my career, hustles and family to achieve optimal creativity. Drive and passion generate contagious energy, and when listening to this episode, a fire is lit, inspiring me to keep going. I hope that watching this episode lights a spark within you as well. And if you have a hustle, start-up or the drive, it would be fantastic to hear from you at the duel of doves community where we can work towards the end goal of breaking out of the mundane and working on what we love. 

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