kevin hart on the joe rogan experience

On the quest to transition our side hustles into full-time endeavours, we look to figures who are doing it for knowledge and inspiration. For a long time, Kevin Hart has displayed a level of drive that motivates us to keep on track, not get discouraged and stick with it. With this knowledge, we can start to understand how to balance our hustles and family time to achieve optimal creativity. Drive and passion generate contagious energy and when we listened to this episode a fire was lit, which we are riding now as we push the next idea into existence. We hope that watching this episode lights a spark within you as it did for us. A big shout-out to Kevin Hart and Joe Rogan, hearing you discuss your hustle, discipline and execution of your craft is the fuel we need to push us to the next level, thank you.

By Luke Farrugia
Folio / Instagram / Linkedin

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