madefor by wix

by Luke Farrugia • 8 October 2020


For a long time, the trend of either developing a custom typeface or buying a licence to a premium font has been the mode in design-led organisations. Today we had a bit of a font off, sharing a bunch of our favourites and the immaculate websites that showcase them. Out of the collection, the one that stood out to me the most was the typeface and casing website for the Wix typeface Madefor.

Madefor is a versatile typographic toolkit with a distinct personality; Madefor strikes a balance between freedom and structure. And Wix states that this font has been made for your vision — made for you (their users).

With nine variants, this font is versatile, unique and playful, combining wide geometric proportions, clean curves, and flaring Grotesk terminals as best seen in the flagship Display cut. The typeface stands out throughout its range of weights and styles. Asymmetrical counters and flowing, continuous curves shine at large sizes, while at the same time narrow and loose text styles allow Madefor to work efficiently at small sizes both within paragraph text and across Wix's UI.

The cherry on top is the wrapping and bow; this website houses the typeface playfully and energetically. Upon seeing this site, I instantly felt heart flutters (yes I am a design nerd) as I scrolled through this magical page, each panel boasting a different element or feature of the typeface. It brought up that kid-like feeling of pushing, pulling and poking exhibits at Scienceworks, invoking a real sense of wonder and glee.


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