off limits cereal

We came across this mesmerising concept through one of our community members, Sam Chang.

OffLimits is a cereal and culture brand built around emotionally unstable, counterculture cartoon characters. They offer a unique approach to cereal, using it as a functional fix. They've got a character for every mood to represent you when your most wired or most tired.

Upon landing on this dynamic page, you are instantly struck but the unique illustration style. This is one of those beautifully designed gems, fusing illustration, product photography and a socially inclusive message. On a design level, the detailing around the site is on point, from visuals to messaging the attention to detail can be felt. When hovering with your cursor, notice the cursor symbol change based on the intended click interaction. These details offer a sense of quality and boost the branding, encouraging the user to take the time to dig in and discover what they are all about.

By Luke Farrugia
Folio / Instagram / Linkedin

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