oil portraits by leo flander

by Luke Farrugia • 23 November 2020


Great things come to those who wait. This entry offers a beautiful reminder that our craft takes practise, dedication and time. Oil Portraits by Leo Flander highlights the techniques used to capture the essence of people through oil paintings. The website offers a unique glimpse into the painting process and displays a refreshingly transparent view of producing this artform. From photo to finished art, this method allows us to see all of the layered steps in-between.

'We want to display paintings in a way that makes you feel close to it, while giving you the tools to explore the art more deeply. The site combines the finished work, along with extensive video and text documentation to help transport you into the world of the painting'

Leo Flander's website

We have many creatives in the duel of doves community, and at times it can be hard to be this transparent when discussing and visualising our process, rationale and motives. It is refreshing to see how they embrace this and lean into the process to allow us to see the magic behind every piece of art. Here is a selection of our favourite pieces, but we encourage you to take a look at the website itself to get the full experience.


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