patience, hard work and gratitude

by Luke Farrugia • 27 September 2020


Recently, I've been digging through the Side Hustle Podcast archives relistening to some of the episodes and learning even more about our guests as I pinpoint previously missed gems. Today I listened to Joe Romeos' episode, and it leaves me inspired to refine my craft further and keep hustling towards our vision. 

Joe discusses his family upbringing, working in the markets at 13, gaining people skills early and understanding the notion of working for yourself. As I focused in, Joe distils the episode into a tidy phrase:

"Something instilled from a young age, hard work and work for yourself, (be)cause then you are in control of your own destiny rather than having to always work for someone else."

In having a similar upbringing to Joe, this sentiment speaks to me, and through our side hustle journey, we have found others feel the same. Gaining independence is our main driver, freedom to work on what we want, spend on what we want and live how we want to live. Joe has the right idea on how to achieve this, as he talks about the strategy that he and his partner utilised to grow their business, which includes patience, hard work and gratitude. 

Joe runs Aperitif with his partner Isabelle, and they are an SEO/SEM agency offering quality service and advice. It's inspiring to hear about the way they are slowly building out their offering. Taking time to craft their business, they use this to their advantage in the way they strategise and pitch, building relationships and ultimately bring success to clients. Putting the quality of work over the bottom line and understanding that a successful service will open up more opportunities rather than providing a stock standard "hit the nail on the head" approach. Learning about how they are crafting the business slowly over time is humbling and is an excellent reminder that quality of work trumps short-term financial gain. 

Joe is an active member of the duel of doves community, always down to offer a friendly word or advice on any topic. Particularly on the subject of business and growth, he takes the time to learn about other members' businesses to uncover ways he can help with his marketing and SEO skill set. 

On a personal level, I've been collaborating with Joe in trading services. Joe assesses the SEO health and strategy for the duel of doves and Side Hustle Podcast websites, whilst I design his branding, website and collateral. To date, this is a new method of working for me, and I've found it to be liberating to collaborate with no money involved; uniting purely in the strength of let's help each other out. It's opened my eyes to this new way of working, and I see an opportunity for this to become the norm in the duel of doves space as we offer our services and open opportunities to members. 

If you are keen to discuss business growth, SEM or SEO, come along to the duel of doves space to chat to Isabelle and Joe. Request an invite.

Episode 11 of the Side Hustle Podcast - Joe Romeo of Aperitif Agency


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