some of the worst logos, redesigned 🤩

To kick-off, let's send a big shoutout to Emanuele Abrate for putting this list together and for taking the time to redesign these logos. When this link came across the duel of doves community, we couldn't help but laugh at this design comedy gold. Majority of these logos have been circulating for years. I remember back when I was at University, like ten years ago 😱, a lot of these logos were shown as a big reminder to think about the visual messaging of our logo designs. Particularly when thinking about the negative space. When considering the negative space, we are referring to the creative use or accidental use of white space within an image (or letter) which can be utilised to create a whole new image. A classic example is the iconic FedEx logo in which a subtle arrow symbol is formed between the letters 'E' and 'X'.


When used with precision or intention, the use of negative space can be magical, offering a layer of depth to a logo like no other. When the negative space is not adequately considered, odd subliminal imagery can be created that may shift the meaning of the logo. Generally, these are the types of easter eggs, whether blatant or subtle, that cannot be unseen once they are revealed. In logo design, negative space can either work in favour, like the FedEx example or work to the detriment of the design as we can see with this list from Emanuele Abrate. Within the design community, we see the pre redesign logos in this collection as a great reminder of what not to do. While also seeing the comedy within the shapes. It's fantastic to see that these have been redesigned, removing the ambiguity and placing the core messaging back on track. We hope you enjoy this design humour as much as we do.

By Luke Farrugia
Folio / Instagram / Linkedin

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