taking the plunge and recording the pilot of the side hustle podcast

by Luke Farrugia • 17 July 2020


Over the first half of 2019, duel of doves founders Omar and Luke talked back and forth about starting the Side Hustle Podcast and eventually said screw it, let's take the plunge, record a pilot and see what happens. So we scheduled our first guest and got to work on a format, a really loose and not well-thought-out flow, but a format nonetheless. It was a Saturday morning, we sat outside, soaking up the sun with cold beers in hand. Kaiju Krush to be exact.

As we got into the recording, we instantly felt the energy, the excitement and the passion from our first guest Simon Farrugia. Frothy Beer Club, Simon's side hustle, is a beer delivery service that allows his customers to access a crafted selection of beers without having to leave your couch. All they need to do is browse Simon's list of craft and popular beers from his website, and he will personally deliver every order promptly, chilled to perfection.

While chatting with Simon, he discussed some essential gems, he brought up the fact that one of his past employers added upskilling through reading books as a KPI, one per month. Simon mentions how this has changed his outlook on both his professional and personal life. Since then, we have started listening to audiobooks with vigour to find ourselves immersed in different peoples thoughts and ideas. This practice has expanded our minds and took us to the next level of our own side hustles.

He also mentioned the importance of balancing family and how the side hustle mustn't interfere with family time, family comes first. Another gem that Simon provided was his appreciation of his 9 to 5, as this funded his lifestyle and allowed him to start his side hustle. We are guilty of feeling like our full-time gigs get in the way at times, often wondering, what if we were out on our own? Life would be so much better! Indeed it may, but in the meantime, we agree with Simon, it's essential to be grateful while also striving to eventually make it out and break the cycle.

To date, we have completed 2 Seasons of the Side Hustle Podcast and are getting ready to ramp up for Season 3 with fresh new guests and exciting side hustle stories.



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