user interface examples, broken down by component

by Luke Farrugia • 22 August 2020


Nice very nice, have put together a comprehensive collection of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) component examples for our inspiration and delight. Within the duel of doves community, we have a range of creatives, hustlers and founders, all wearing many hats, aiming to break the working cycles and do it for self. This list serves as a fantastic resource when looking for inspiration, working on the next freelance project, mood boarding a start-up idea or keeping our UI skills on point as we navigate this creative craft. 

Browse this inspiration gallery of UI/UX patterns and design examples to fit any need. Ranging from; blogs, CTA's, eCommerce, feature modules, help pages, hero lockups, lists, navigations, pricing pages, search inputs, sign up forms, team layouts and testimonials. 

Get inspired here:


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