walkie. simple, real time voice chat for your remote team

by Luke Farrugia • 27 August 2020


We have been locked down for the better half of a year now, and it feels like an eternity. Yet through our personal and professional networks, we have found that people have adapted to this new normal, relatively quickly. Within the duel of doves space, this has been proven as we continue to see opportunities arise and new products launched by community members. We are thankful to the duel of doves community for being a part of that support system and for keeping the hustle alive in this uncertain time. 

Community member Jithesh Ramesh has been quite active in sharing exciting and useful recourses. Here is one that he shared a little while ago called Walkie, which fits the lock-down theme well. Walkie is a tool used to talk to colleagues throughout the day without the need for a scheduled call—a way to emulate that office chatter when a random thought pops into your head or to talk work things of course. 

In their words, Walkie is a better way to communicate for distributed teams that don't want to spend all day in dry text channels. Boasting a sleek design and a shmick illustration style this is a tool to check out and test in your team.  

Source link: walkie.chat

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