"winamp. it really whips the llama's ass."

by Luke Farrugia • 9 September 2020


This share really takes me back, possibly to the origins of my design career, or rather, my spark for design. Today the Winamp Skin Museum hit the duel of doves space, and it instantly reminded me of some of my first memories of expression and individuality through user interface design. With Winamps fully customisable features, I would lose hours configuring the skins and the animated visualisations, which synced to the music for magical movement effects and wormholes. See the video below for an example of this.


Created in 1997, Winamp is a simple media player made by Nullsoft and its primary purpose, back then, was to be completely customisable, and through the years, many people have contributed to the library that now consists of thousands of skins, visualisations and plugins.

Way back, when I used to be a PC kid, gaming, chatting on mIRC (Internet Relay Chat) and downloading torrents, Winamp was always open, playing music. Back then it was all CDs and mP3 files which were saved onto your PC and then loaded into your media player of choice, mine being Winamp. For me, this was a significant time as it marks the moment when I started to gain an ear for good music, forming my taste in the hip hop space whilst also allowing me to gain an insight into visual composition and design. 

As I scrolled this list, I couldn't help but walk down memory lane and I dug into this massive collection of Winamp skins, that aren't just images; these are actual players that you can play with, share and download for personal use. Made by Jordan Eldredge, the Winamp Skin Museum does a great job of collating this incredible collection of skins into a fast and searchable archive.


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