three simple guidelines to a healthy and collaborative environment

1. We're all people here. People have feelings and should expect to be treated with dignity and respect. There is no place here for disrespect, bullying, or harassment.

2. Play nice. This is a forum for open discussion, where differing viewpoints are welcome. Healthy debate is encouraged, but going out of your way to challenge someone or aggressively persisting in making a point creates an unwelcoming atmosphere.

3. Everything here is off the record by default - meaning, please do not quote or attribute anything said here by a member without that member's explicit permission.

We're all adults and professionals, so we don't expect to (or want to) have to police conversations. That said, we will provide feedback privately if we see anyone getting close to the edge or heading straight off the rails. If you have concerns, feel someones crossed over a line or feel like you are unwelcome to speak your mind for any reason, please contact us (@omar or @luke), and we will take a look. 

We're growing by word of mouth so, if you or someone you know wants to join duel of doves, please send them here or to the link below.