When defining a side hustle, we see it as an activity that consists of a passion project or employment that's in addition to one's full-time job. A side hustle opens the door to an independent future and offers a sense of ownership and freedom.

The side hustle podcast started from our desire to capture stories from some astounding side hustlers, whether they be in the midst of it or have taken the plunge and have made their dream a reality. We set out to understand what it means to run a side hustle; delving into the balance of getting it off the ground while maintaining a 9-5, the sacrifices our guests have made and uncover how they've kept a healthy mental state throughout their journey.

Digging deep into the blood, sweat and tears.

Our podcast is conversational, breaking the general Q&A style format. We aim to feed off of the guest's energy and let the conversations pivot, twist and turn. While always learning as much as we can and tying it back to the side hustle. Through this medium, we have chatted to some talented individuals and captured so many gems in the process.

We hope you enjoy what we have created and can find value to help you with your side hustle. Also, feel free to join our duel of doves community to connect with some side hustlers and previous guests of the podcast.

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